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Thank you for agreeing to do this interview for my website John.  Lets get started then:

(Q1) Where did the name of your band "UNION" come from?
(Q2) Who thought of it?

1. - 2.  The name “Union” came from the encyclopedia on Bruce's computer.
Brent was compiling a list of names to pick from, and  the word “Union” was one of them.

(Q3) Who and how did you come up with the UNION logo on the front cover of the album?

3.  The record company’s original logo idea had the word “Union”, with the “i”
dotted and just one four point star.  I like the star, so we put four of them
together, to represent each member of the band.

(Q4) How did all you guys in the band meet?

4.  I met Bruce though Nikki Sixx (Bruce & Nikki are still friends...)  Brent
was a friend of Bruce’s already, and we found James jamming with a cover band at a club
in Hollywood.

(Q5) I have listened to the new album over and over and love every song on it!!!  Do you have a personal favourite song on the album?

5.  Picking your favorite song is like picking your favorite kid.  I think
they’re all  great...don’t you?

(Q6) Which Band/s or Musician has been your biggest inspiration in life?

6.  Beatles, Led Zepplin, Aerosmith...all GODS!

(Q7) What music have you been listening to lately?

7.  New Marilyn Manson and  this new band called “Finger Eleven” is really
cool.  They opened a show in Conneticut for us.

(Q8) What are some of your hobbies/interests apart from music?

8.  Hang with my son Ian as often as possible ‘cause I don’t get to see him
too much, and do some “other things” I can’t get into right now ‘cause Layla would
be  embarrassed!

(Q9) What is your favourite food?

9.  It would be easier telling you what I don’t like:  liver, blood pudding
and, sorry, VEGEMITE!

(Q10)Favourite movie?

10.  Don’t go to the movies too often, but I think one of the best movies I’ve
ever seen was “Braveheart”.

(Q11) I understand you have a new lady in your life.......Layla, can you  tell us a little bit about her and how you met?

11.  Layla is a great girl!  She’s 24 years old and she manages a huge audio
post studio in Hollywood.  We met at a Circus of Power show in L.A.  Great
heart, brains, beauty and loves music...what more can you ask for?  You may
see “more” of her soon in Playboy!

(Q12) Have you ever been to Australia?

12.  No.

(Q13) Do UNION plan on touring here (Australia) soon?

13.  I want to play in Australia so bad, and if I don’t get my way - I’m going
to burn all of my Crocodile Dundee videos, and throw away all of Layla’s stuffed koala

(Q14) Are there any plans for another UNION album soon?

14.  We’re just finishing a live recording.  A record company asked us to do a
live album, so we obliged happily!

(Q15) You recently played the brilliant Motley Crue song "Power To The Music" at a UNION concert, is this your favourite song from your Crue era?

15.  Again they’re all faves, but this one sounded really good live!

(Q16) What band are UNION planning to tour with in the future? UNION and Motley Crue would be a dream come true tour!!!!!!!!

16.  Union will tour with anyone who asks. (Okay, maybe not Boxcar Willie, Yanni or John Tesh!)

(Q17) If Motley Crue wanted to patch things up with you would you agree to be friends with them again?

17.  I want to be buds with the guys in Motley.  Unfortunately I sued them, so
they are quite pissed now, and probably will be for some time.

(Q18) Finally my last question is if you could go through your life all over again would there be anything you would have done different?

18.  As long as I learn from my mistakes, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Thank you for your time and congratulations on UNIONS success with the debut album, all of us UNION supporters wish you all the best in the future and cant wait to here more music from UNION!!!!
Thanks Anthony!