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In 1996 Nikki Sixx released a solo album titled 1958 with "The Boxing Ghandis" guitarist Dave Darling and Alvino Bennet on drums. This album was not released outside of Japan.  Now the album is going to be mixed and two new tracks are going to be on it.  Only one of the title's of the new tracks is known, it is called "Kill Your TV". Nikki has also scored a sound track for a film coming out in 1999 called "The Empty Space".  The film will include the two songs "Dont Laugh (You Might Be Next)" and "Heroes".
1. Shopping Cart Jesus
2. Stormy (Brown Eyes)
3. Dont Laugh (You Might Be Next)
4. Queer?
5. This Song's 2 Slit Your Wrists By
6. Killin' Joke
7. Heroes
8. Kill Your TV (New Track)
9. ???????????